Following a successful submission for the ‘Community Building Partnership’ grant in 2016, Waterlily Playscape received $50K from NSW Government. The funds will be used to install a picnic area next to the playground – a slab, shelter, picnic tables and a BBQ and a wheelchair access from the parking area.

Works started last Friday and will take a couple of weeks to finish. Please be mindful of safety during construction phase and help us keep children away from the fenced area.

Many thanks to Tamara Smith MP, Member for Ballina, for supporting the project and stage 2.

Thank you Tina Petroff, Treasurer, Waterlily Community Playscape for managing the project pro bono.

Thank you Yoram Rotstein for volunteering to supervise the project.

Thank you Byron Shire Council, for ongoing support, collaboration and assistance in many many ways.