All 6 trees were planted in great soil, had fertiliser and gypsum added, were staked and tied and then mulched with bark chips. Of course, the rain over the last two days has also been very beneficial.

  • Melaleuca leucadendra Broad leaf
  • 2 x Waterhousia floribunda
  • Mellicope elleryana
  • 2 x Syzygium resilience

We are indeed grateful to the NSW State Government for providing the required funding.

We thank Joy from Gondwana Nursery for supplying and caring for these beautiful advanced trees for the last 2 months. The trees are absolutely fantastic.

Our thanks to Tom Naulty who did a great job as Co-ordinator for the Waterlily Playscape Committee and to Tina Petroff who was on hand and helping at every step of the way.

Thank you also to Council’s Malcolm Robertson for working with the Playscape Committee to position, deliver and plant the trees.

Special thanks goes to Byron Council’s Michael Mathews for ensuring all 6 trees were delivered and planted at the one time and of course to Council’s staff – Tom, Project Manager & Safety Officer, Michael Halpin, Excavator Operator, Ayla, Horticulturist, and of course Ian for providing all of the required ‘muscle’. They did an awesome job, completing it all in one day!