Community Consultation

Waterlily Playscape is an initiative by North Byron Shire locals to develop a public space, Waterlily Park to provide active community place for all ages and abilities in Ocean Shores.

As an ongoing engagement process, the Waterlily Playscape committee consult with residents of all ages and abilities regarding required and desired developments in the park.

Waterlily Playscape Community Survey
March 2018

During March 2018, locals in Byron Shire were approached and completed a survey relating to Waterlily Park, its facilities and future plans. 225 people completed the survey.

Here is a summary of 2018 survey results.

Community Consultation Report 2016


thumbnail of G16_04 R01_CONSULTATION_REPORT_REV A_160718

Comments from school consultation and winter gathering will be used to make final adjustments to the design.
From here a more detailed design will be developed that can be used for construction purposes. The detailed design will incorporate stages so that as funding becomes available the extras can be built.