Waterlily Park

Waterlily Park Community is a place to share our vision, inspiration and effect a positive change in our community for the people of the wider Ocean Shores area.

Please note the Waterlily Playscape is focusing on the creation of a play space for the children and community of Ocean Shores. The Playscape project does not include the entirety of Waterlily Park.

People of Ocean Shores, it’s time to stand up and be counted! We are gathering support for improvements to Waterlily Park, Yamble Dr, Ocean Shores. We are looking to include:

New Playground with shade (Playscape)
– Picnic seating and shelters
– Public BBQ
– Bike Path around pond
– Seating at various points around pond
– Deck for feeding the ducks
– Community Garden
– Clean up of pond
– Improvement to Tennis clubhouse to include toilets and kiosk.
– Additional tennis/netball courts.

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Holding an Event at Waterlily Park?

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