The Ocean Shores community is working hard these days to plan and build a playground area at Waterlily Park, in Ocean Shores. The community is looking to fund raise and participate in the construction of the playscape as part of the project’s vision to enhance a sense of belonging and commitment to our beautiful local environment while improving and enhancing local public spaces for the benefit of Greater Ocean Shores’ residents.

The Waterlily Playscape Group aims to engage the whole community to ensure that everyone has a say in the vision for Waterlily Park. We would also like to include schools, in designing and building the playscape and to foster ownership of the area by the children who will use and benefit from it. N.B. Everyone in Ocean Shores will benefit, not just the children.


How can you help?

We are now approaching local businesses to help us make this plan come true with 3 sponsorship opportunities: Financial Contribution, Raffle prizes and a Crowdfunding Campaign (see page 3 of PDF). We would love your support by engaging in at least one of the three options below.

Contact us to arrange sponsorship.