We are always looking for more volunteers. Please get involved and become a member and contact us if you are interested to discuss.

Committee roles

  • Chairperson – Tina Petroff
  • Vice Chair – Suzanne Holt
  • Treasurer – Denise Stammers
  • Acting Secretary – Tina Petroff
  • Committee – Charles Crawshaw
  • Public Officer – Stan Petroff


  • Engage the local community to be informed about the Playscape (online & face to face)
  • Recruit local community to be involved in designing and building the Playscape
  • Cultivate partnerships with key partners: across all levels of government – federal, state and local as well as partners in the region: schools, local organisations, businesses,
  • Raise funds to finance building a Playscape
  • Build a Playscape in Waterlily park (in stages)
  • Celebrate community and outdoor nature play
Waterlily Playscape Committee March 2017

AGM March 2017 – New and former Waterlily Playscape committee members: Standing from left – Tina, Fabricio, Josie, Orit, Alison, Jason. Sitting: Lisa and Peter

Waterlily Playscape meeting 2015

Waterlily Playscape meeting 2015

Waterlily Community Playscape Inc.

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