Waterlily Community Celebration – Sunday 18th March 2018

Waterlily Community Celebration – Sunday 18th March 2018

Join with community in celebrating

New picnic equipment and ongoing progress at Waterlily Playscape in a community event at Waterlily Park, 1 Yamble Dr. Ocean Shores, Sunday 18th March 2018, 3-6pm.

Exciting activities are planned at the event supported by Ocean Shores Public School Students, including performances, games, stalls, music and food.

Help us spread the word by marking yourself ‘going’ on the Facebook event page, and invite & share with locals.

waterlily community celebration rescheduled 18-03-2018

What’s in Stage 2?

Waterlily Park has just been upgraded with new picnic equipment including: a shelter, BBQ, Picnic tables and a pathway from parking to picnic area. All new facilities are wheelchair accessible and align with Playscape plans of inclusive community recreation area.

The Waterlily Playscape Committee received $50K funding from a successful grant to Community Building Partnership 2016 project by NSW State and announced by Tamara Smith, MP for Ballina.

To realise this stage, quite a few locals came together in a joint effort. Big thank you to Tina Petroff and Yoram (Tiny) Rotstein, stage 2 project managers, Stan Petroff, Fabricio Bettega, Jason Lasky, David Alexander, Orit and Omri Ben-Harush, Helen Graveson and Tom Naulty. We couldn’t have done this without you! Thank you also to our local contractors and Council’s Open Spaces staff.

bbq area

Stage 2 remaining funds are used to plant established trees and benches at the park soon.

Look at this Charming Mural!

The committee co-funded a vivid mural with the Ocean Shores Tennis Club, following the nature theme of Waterlily Park. It was painted on the external Tennis clubhouse walls by Daniel Hend, a young local artist, creating another lovely feature onsite.

mural angle 1

mural angle 2

Meet Christobel the Rock Dragon

Jordan Smith is the lucky local who named Waterlily Rock Dragon – Christobel, following a pledge by Ocean Shores Tidy Town’s who funded and installed the dragon in the park.

rock dragon

donation - Tidy Towns

Help us keep the park safe

Alongside new interest in the park, locals notice more bad behaviour onsite.
The Waterlily Playscape committee is calling for a community action, encouraging locals to report to the police any observed inappropriate behaviour while at Waterlily Park, at 131444 or in emergency 000.

Welcome Tom Naulty – A new committee member

Welcome Tom Naulty – A new committee member

Recently I was asked to come along and join the Waterlilly Playscape Committee. I was keen to come along and lend a hand building an even better playscape for my two children. Considering how close and how frequently my family benefits from this fantastic facility, its easy to give up a little time.

My name is Tom, I have an 8 year old child and a 3 year old, the eldest goes to Ocean Shores Public School, which happens to be where I work (as a teachers aid),and also happens to be the best public school in the world IMHO.

I like fishing and in the last three years have been having a ball with the guys from Brunswick Heads Surf Lifesaving Club.

I’m looking foward to having a chat with you at Waterlilly Park!

Tom Naulty

There is one more vacancy for a Vice President position.
We encourage locals to apply to join the committee.

Stage 2 of Waterlily Park is Underway!

Stage 2 of Waterlily Park is Underway!

Following a successful submission for the ‘Community Building Partnership’ grant in 2016, Waterlily Playscape received $50K from NSW Government. The funds will be used to install a picnic area next to the playground – a slab, shelter, picnic tables and a BBQ and a wheelchair access from the parking area.

Works started last Friday and will take a couple of weeks to finish. Please be mindful of safety during construction phase and help us keep children away from the fenced area.

Many thanks to Tamara Smith MP, Member for Ballina, for supporting the project and stage 2.

Thank you Tina Petroff, Treasurer, Waterlily Community Playscape for managing the project pro bono.

Thank you Yoram Rotstein for volunteering to supervise the project.

Thank you Byron Shire Council, for ongoing support, collaboration and assistance in many many ways.

Working Bee Update

Working Bee Update

Two big mulch piles have been distributed in the playscape garden beds on Saturday 12 August. Thank you very much for the locals who gave a hand: Jim, David, Stan, Tina, Jason and Orit. See you at the next working B!

Treehouse funding – 50 Volunteers Needed

Treehouse funding – 50 Volunteers Needed

Waterlily Playscape Committee is planning to have an all abilities 8m x 11m Treehouse at Waterlily Park. Materials cost is estimated at $15K. The Ocean Shores Preschool parents would like to help raise funds for the Treehouse by operating during summer the Brunswick Heads Housie Tent.

That is Awesome!

BUT, first the preschool needs to make sure there are enough volunteers signed up to run Housie this year. This is where you come in 🙂

We need help from many of you to fill in the expression of interest form as soon as possible. We need 50 volunteers.
There will be 3-hours shifts (7pm-10pm, mid Dec- mid Jan 18), flexible in dates and number that will be specified later on. Now all you need to do is fill in the form.

Please sign up and double help the Housie and the Treehouse!
And forward this email to more locals please. bit.ly/BrunzHousie

a fairy chair story

a fairy chair story


Fairy Chair and stumps are all in place!
Check them out at Waterlily Park soon.
Kids are already up for a fairy story.


Much thanks to Stan, Tina, Faz, Naomi and Orit for helping out today!

Much thanks to Dave Alexander – Concreter and Handyman 0467 657 777 – volunteered his time, equipment and donated all to concrete the chair.

Fairies shared the old man’s beard, stones and feathers and orchids too,
Buttons, beads, bells and knobs, and mirrors there to complete the view.
Flowers, ribbons and crystals bright, gems to add and butterflies few,
and best of all beside the lake, the hearts of fairies old and new.