Back Story


Waterlily Community Playscape group was established by Ocean Shores volunteers to build a playground area at Waterlily Park, in Ocean Shores. This act followed a growing community interest in the park looking for bettering local public spaces to the benefit of Ocean Shores residents.

Since May 2015, the group has been meeting regularly to progress formalities as choosing management and assigning members to subgroups including Design, Construction, Fundraising and Marketing & Promotion. Nowadays the group is finalising its incorporation process.

Next on the group’s plans is the design phase. The focus of the first stage of this initiative is building an ecological playground by the community. For this purpose, a design competition will be launched soon calling for locals to contribute their insights about the playscape area. Potential future stages to the playscape to be finalised later and might include footpath around the lake, BBQ area, teens facilities and more.

Recently council started mowing the waterlily park lake while using an Aquatic Weed Harvester to remove water weeds and improve the safety and water quality of the lake. This move will significantly boost the playground plans and will allow facilitating a whole complex of recreation area in Waterlily Park for the benefit of locals.

This initiative is getting growing attention from many local residents, councillors and local organisations. Dozens of locals have already put their names down in a long volunteering list. The group’s activity and targets have been introduced to Byron Shire Councillors and got a unanimous support from councillors and the GM. In addition, the playscape initiative was successful in securing a Splendour in the Grass grant of $15,000. The group is seeking further grants and funding.

The group is inviting the public to join monthly meetings and/or volunteer for specific tasks.

First Meeting 23 April 2015

First Meeting 23 April 2015