Who are we?

We are a group of locals committed to reviving a forsaken nature gem, the Waterlily Park, in our town, Ocean Shores, NSW by building a playscape with and for the community.

We are on a mission. A mission to create a charming meeting space for our kids as well as for the wider community. Building the playscape by the community will help increasing sense of community in our town and enhancing our sense of belonging to this beautiful place.


What is a playscape?

A Playscape is a playground, a playful landscape, built as a recreational public space. It is inspired by and interacts with the local natural environment.


What is a community-built playscape?

Community built playscapes are created through the efforts of volunteers. Think of an old-fashioned “barn raising” where the community works together to build something special. Each person has something to offer whether it is volunteering time, talent, monetary contributions or material contributions.


Who designs the playscape?

The design will be based on ideas of our local kids and the wider community. The playground designers that will be chosen by the project committee will use the children’s ideas of what they want in a dream playscape and combine these ideas with the history and nature of our area to develop a playscape design that is unique and meaningful to our community.


Where will the playscape be built?

The new community-built playscape will be built in Waterlily Park, off Orana Rd and next to the Tennis Courts in Ocean Shores. For location details see map.


Who will build the playground?

Local volunteers will join together to build the playscape during one week! We are looking for skilled and unskilled volunteers. During this week, jobs include construction, sanding, painting, coordination, childcare, food services, media reporting and documentation and others. Professional team will be onsite during that week to guide local volunteers through process of building the playscape. Further information on the build details will be available throughout the year through Progress Updates.


When will the playground be built?

Construction of the first stage of the playground is planned for February- March 2017.


How will the playground be funded?

The Waterlily Playscape will be made possible through the many generous donations of corporations, businesses, organisation and individuals. We will also be embarking on many fundraising initiatives to fund the playscape building costs.


Want to get involved?

Great! Visit the Get Involved page to learn and offer variety of support options. Check also our Funding and Sponsors page to get more ideas on how you could contribute to this special project.


Media inquiries?

Please see Media updates and a media kit


Got a question?

We’d love to hear from you. Feel free to suggest ideas and help on how to promote this project and make it successful. Please contact us.